Listening Can Lead to Resolution

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Talking to each other is often the last thing two people in a dispute want to do. If they can start talking, however, many disputes can be resolved with little or no court intervention in Amherst, VA. Our work covers divorce, elder care disagreements, workplace disputes and more.

Our mediators are trained to facilitate listening between two people. In just a few hours of time, mediators are often able to resolve disputes that might have gone on for years. A successful agreement isn't as difficult to achieve with our Amherst, VA mediator to guide the process.

Reduce emotional and financial costs with Peaceful Alternatives

With our Amherst mediation services, individuals have a chance to work out their differences without a high degree of court interference. For many, this is a welcome way to bring resolution with minimal conflict.

Once the call is made, the two parties can be in mediation within days or weeks rather than months. Mediation can find resolution in two to four hours under normal circumstances. The cost of mediation is much lower than traditional lawyer fees. Don't wait any longer to settle your issue: to get started, call 434-929-8255.

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