Helping Individuals Find a Resolution to Their Issues

About Peaceful Alternatives in Amherst, Virginia

Peaceful Alternatives is a full-service mediation group, helping parties in the Amherst area resolve issues. We specialize in workplace mediation, cultivating separation agreements and helping children resolve disputes over elder care.

Not too long ago, divorces took place without an active advocate for the children. With our Amherst, VA nonprofit work, we bring mediation services and parenting classes for many divorcing spouses.

Since mediation can be so effective, Peaceful Alternatives sees clients from 11 jurisdictions. Some 1,200 cases per year are referred to us from the courts. This benefits the community in many ways. Most importantly, it ensures that the children’s needs are not forgotten in the heat of a difficult divorce. Court-ordered parenting classes are an important step toward reducing potential neglect or abandonment in the Amherst area. To learn more about our nonprofit work and how you can help, call us at 434-929-8255.