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Before any divorce can go forward, the needs of the children must be addressed. This has led to extensive work by our mediators with regard to separation agreements. As soon as parents separate, a parenting plan needs to be in place to protect the children's needs. A parenting plan also respects parental rights, ensuring a fair amount of custodial time for each parent.

Peaceful Alternatives offers parenting classes that teach the ground rules for healthy child-rearing during and after a divorce. This education service focuses on helping parents put their children first, even when their own anger or frustration have become overwhelming.

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Once a parenting plan is prepared, an uncontested divorce can be handled without the expense of lawyers. An 18-page document spells out how the couple with split the time with the children. It can resolve financial issues and determine a fair child support agreement. This especially helps couples who don't have the financial resources for lawyers, but it also reduces costs for those who have employed representation.

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